We built a flexible and scalable product with a robust cloud-based backend architecture that allows your existing system to integrate directly with our platform.

A dedicated admin portal is provided to manage all application content, products and logics.



Each app is designed and customized to flow naturally with your existing brand identity. Our award-winning creative team will work directly with you to achieve your desired user interface and interactions within the app.

This non-template and hands-on approach will result in an elegant design and seamless user experience.

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Six platform has an advanced recommendation engine driven by in-app user behavior. Products are personalized for each user based on their engagement, their location and the current weather in that location.

The more users engage with the products, the more intelligent the recommendations become.



Fully integrated with Tapstream and other analytical tools to drive users directly to a product or an exclusive collection using deep links and personalized messaging.

This allows you to create powerful, measurable referral campaigns based on user geo-location or in-app behavior with targeted push notifications, special offers and custom messages.

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Six Platform is enabled with one-tap-to-purchase which securely allow users to pay for their orders in a single touch with Apple Pay or saved Credit Cards.

This shopping-cart-free behavior is proven to increase conversions and provide a seamless shopping experience for even those new to mobile shopping.



Six Platform allows users to easily search for products with a built-in predictive technology, suggesting relevant results based on user interest.

This filter-free feature elevates user experience and provides a convenient and intuitive way to discover products in real-time.

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Six Platform is built with core user-centric functionalities that include the following:

User account integration
Interactive wishlist
Private collections & categories
Dynamic content & video
In-app chat
iMessages integration
Personalized push notifications
Spotlight search
Offline support
Smart cashing
Referral campaigns
Offers & promotions
And more...


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